4 K&M models securely hold the larger tablets as music sheet readers

By Stephen Pate – The new iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 are practical solutions for musicians who want a no-compromise sheet music reader.

König and Meyer are well known for their music stands under the brand K&M. The 19790 series were introduced last year to hold tablets up to the iPad Pro size.

I’ve been using two styles – with and without the stand for almost a year. At first I thought the clamp brackets were a little dodgy.

Now that I’ve used them hundreds of times, I like how easy it is to clamp the iPad Pro or remove it.  The K&M clamp holds the iPad firmly enough to write on the screen. It has also held fast when the odd piece of gear accidentally collides with the iPad Pro.

Large tablets are heavy and no fun to hold for long. Of course, a sheet music tablet needs a holder, either something that mounts on a music stand or on your mic stand.

At this point the best solution for holders are the K&M 19791 Tablet PC holder which mounts on the mic stand or the K&M 19790 Tablet PC Holder with mic stand.

K&M tablet holders are some of the best but not the least expensive, about $50 to $75 depending on the model from Amazon.

The 19791 is mounted on a mic stand in my home studio. It’s very sturdy, allows the iPad to be easily turned and the height adjusts with a quick turn of the thumb screw.

The 19793 which includes the stand is useful for a mobile music stand and also doubles for a iPad FaceTime stand for family gatherings and parties. I was a little nervous about the stand being tippy which it can be under the wrong circumstances.  The stand is reasonably stable but not safe for a stage where anything can go wrong.  For live performance I’d suggest the K&M 19791 Tablet PC holder mounted on a sturdy mic stand.

My preferred use for this model is mobile iPad stand in a safe environment, say a practice session, or as a stand for the iPad for FaceTime.  At our house, the  Universal Tablet Stand Holder with Microphone Stand is semi-permanently in the kitchen / family room for FaceTime. It avoids the pain of holding the iPad for lengthy calls and if we sit a few feet back from the screen, it takes in a wide angle video.

From Paper to Pixels – Your Guide to the Digital Sheet Music Revolution is an excellent guide to moving your sheet music to a tablet. The author has 12 years of experience that saved me months of effort. He is biased towards the Apple iPad but that’s not uncommon. Highly recommended.

The K&M 19791 Tablet PC Holder with clamp mount  fits the larger tablets but is also downward compatible with the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab from 9.7, Google Nexus 9, Asus Transformer or Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro. It is designed for tablets between tubes up to 30 mm diameter, height 222-342 mm, width 128-232 mm, thickness of the tablet 5-11 mm.

There are 4 models in this series:

  1. K&M 19790 Tablet PC Holder with screw mount – 19790 Brochure
K&M 19790

K&M 19790

  1. K&M 19791 Tablet PC Holder with clamp mount – 19791 Brochure
K&M 19791

K&M 19791

  1. K&M 19792 Tablet PC table stand – black (which I could not find a listing for this one) – 19792 brochure
K&M 19792

K&M 19792

  1. K&M 19793 Tablet PC Holder with Stand – 19793 Brochure

K&M 19793