Chris Boyce and Todd Spencer terminated by CBC hours before releasing redacted Janice Rubin Report

By Stephen Pate –  CBC executives sat on the Rubin Report detailing Jian Ghomeshi’s human rights and other abuses from Monday until Thursday.

Then hours before releasing a heavily censored copy of the report, they announced the CBC was “severing ties” with the former executive director of CBC Radio and Todd Spencer former Executive Director, People and Culture (read HR).

Picture caption – Thrown under the bus: Jian Ghomeshi, Chris Boyce and Todd Spencer former CBC employees

Both had been on administrative leave since January 2015. CBC must have gotten a whiff of the Rubin report’s findings in advance which only confirmed the conclusions of Macleans Magazine from December 14, 2014 that Boyce and Spencer were lying about their role in the cover-up of the Ghomeshi scandal.  7 CBC Executives Who Sheltered Jian Ghomeshi

That leaves 5 more CBC executives who lied about or covered-up for Ghomeshi.  Linda Groen, director of talk radio, Heather Conway, head of English services, Chuck Thompson head of public affairs, Timothy Neesham union rep, Arif Noorani producer of Q, and the-buck-stops-here CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix.

When will CBC throw them under the bus to clean up the publicly funded corporation?

First to resign should be CEO Hubert Lacroix. He is an experienced lawyer who assured the Canadian Senate that the “CBC does not tolerate discrimination, sexual or otherwise.”  That was Lacroix’s statement to the Senate on March 5, 2013 to rebut stories in the Toronto Sun and Le Journal de Montréal that CBC was a hotbed of sexual harassment.

Lacroix told the Senate he prepared studiously for his testimony and brought along other CBC executives including Monique Marcotte, Executive Director, CBC English Services Human Resources.

Lacroix and Marcotte were either lying to the Senate or incompetent in their responsibilities.  They both should resign but at least Lacroix since the buck stops on his desk and a failure as massive as Ghomeshi is his failure to manage CBC.

CBC is hoping that the Chris Boyce and Todd Spencer firings will be enough to satisfy the public that their CBC subsidy is being well spent.  However, skeptics say the rot in the CBC is much deeper going beyond even the people already named.

Jian Ghomeshi faces numerous charges of criminal sexual assault, none of which were dealt with in the Rubin Report. He plead not guilty to all charges.

Read the censored Rubin Report here.  White spaces indicated redacted comments of Janice Rubin.

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