@YourMichelle: He was in my backyard. I saw him arrested in front of my eyes. He is alive. Thank you #RCMPNB.

By Stephen Pate – RCMP captured the suspected cop-killer Justin Bourque in the backyard of singer Michelle Thibodeau @YourMichelle.

Justin Bourque, self-proclaimed gun-rights supporter, allegedly killed 3 RCMP officers on Wednesday evening, wounding two other officers in the shoot-out in Moncton, NB residential streets.

Michelle Thibodeau

Michelle Thibodeau

At the moment of capture Michelle Thibodeau tweeted

michelle thibodeau @YourMichelle  ·  2h

He was in my backyard. I saw him arrested in front of my eyes. He is alive. Thank you .

Then immediately afterwards she tweeted,

 ·  2h  

The swat team arrived at my house and unloaded and started screaming in my backyard for him to surrender and he did. I watched it happen.


michelle thibodeau @YourMichelle  ·  2h

They had him sprawled on my front lawn for some time and then loaded him into the swat vehicle. They are now checking my yard for firearms.

At 1:30 AM the RCMP tweeted they had their man.

RCMP New Brunswick @RCMPNB  ·  2h

Justin Bourque arrested by RCMP at 12:10 in Moncton. He is in police custody. Residents of north Moncton can now leave their homes.


Michelle Thibodeau was then inundated with media requests for an interview which the gave interviews to CTV and CBC.

michelle thibodeau @YourMichelle  ·  2h

On the air CTV listen in!

michelle thibodeau @YourMichelle  ·  1h

Thank you all for your loving support. I love my city. Let us keep praying for the affected families <3

At 2:45 AM, Michelle posted on her Facebook page,

 I’m going to try and get some sleep so I’d respectfully ask for the media to stop calling my house for the evening. Thank you for all your kind words and support in this time of crisis. #PrayForMoncton

Michelle Thibodeau is an aspiring actress and singer songwriter. She can also be found on her Facebook page Michelle Thibodeau

The video of Bourque’s capture was posted on CBC News.