Get Quality Hearing Aids Half Price At Costco

By Stephen Pate – I was reading the CBC story Hearing aid costs too high to bear alone, say seniors asking the government to help pay for senior’s hearing aids on PEI.

If the government will help pay for your hearing aids that’s great. You can partially solve the problem without government help by buying your hearing aids at Costco where they usually cost half the normal price.

If you are a senior with a disability, you may get disability help for hearing aid purchases. Check with your state of provincial government.

Don’t let that stop you.  Take control yourself. Of course, not only seniors want to save money on hearing aids and Costco charges everyone the same price.

Three years ago I needed new hearing aids and could not afford them. A little research on the internet and I found a Costco Hearing Centre a few hours away in Fredericton NB that sells hearing aids at cost. Costco get it?

Costco Aid Center - free hearing tests and low prices

Costco Aid Center – free hearing tests and low prices

I paid less than $2,700 for a $6,300 pair of hearing aids. Costco set them up just for me and the service was awesome. I hear conversations and TV shows better than ever.

Admittedly, $6,000 hearing aids are expensive but I like music and wanted a pair that made listening better. The ones I got were Bernafon Verite 9s.

Costco has hearing aids for everyone’s budget and the savings are fantastic. Unlike independent audiologists, most Costco Hearing Centers have the latest technology in hearing tests and programming. They can also look up your hearing settings from another store with your permission.

Last year I was in Toronto and went to the Costco on the Queensway in Etobicoke in Rob Ford Country. I didn’t see Rob Ford anywhere but I did meet the nice people at Costco who sold me a new Bluetooth remote for listening to phone calls and TV hands-free.

They told me Costco does not make any money on hearing aids but uses them as a way to help sell memberships. My wife likes that because she can get lots of things at low prices, like diapers for our grandson.

To find a Costco Hearing Aid department, enter your Zip or Postal Code in the box Enter Location

To find a Costco Hearing Aid department, enter your Zip or Postal Code in the box Enter Location

Costco may be opening another hearing center in Halifax. To find the closest Costco Hearing Centre near you, go to this internet site, enter your zip or postal code and tick the box for hearing aids. Update – the Halifax hearing centre at Costco is in business.

Before I bought, I was afraid Costco’s service would not be as good as a local audiologist. Actually, the Costco people were better. They tried harder to fit the hearing aid and did not try to sell me something expensive that didn’t work. Before visiting them I had been to 3 different local audiologists who all seemed more interested in my money than my hearing.

This was my second pair of hearing aids. The aids I bought locally 8 years ago were so awful I could not wear them. The audiologist acted liked it was my fault. The service at Costco was night and day better than that.

It takes at least three trips to buy your hearing aids and get them adjusted but everyone likes a shopping trip, right.

Do a little research ahead of time to decide what kind of hearing aid you like and need – behind the ear, on the ear, in the ear. Make an appointment because they are very busy and can be booked up.

At the first visit at Costco they will test your ears, talk about the choices and recommend a hearing aid solution. You make the decision and they order the hearing aids which arrive within a few weeks. Costco does not stock hearing aids so they have to be ordered.

At the 2nd appointment they fit you with the new hearing aids, do any adjustments and ask you to try them around the store for half an hour. Assuming they work, you pay the bill and make a 3rd appointment for any additional adjustments.

The 3rd appointment will likely be a month or so later so that you can get used to the new hearing aids. It takes time for your brain to learn the new way things sound. Most people get the adjustment and don’t need any more help. However, you can make appointments later if there are service or adjustment issues.

Get the remote control if you can since it allows you to make volume adjustments yourself.

I don’t work for Costco, nor do they pay me anything to tell you this. I am just so thrilled to save money and hear better I wanted to pass this on.

You will find glowing reviews about Costco Hearing Centre on the internet and some negative ones. It seems to depend on the audiologist at each store. If you don’t like the service, try another Costco Hearing Centre.

Independent audiologists dislike Costco with  a passion since they are selling the hearing aids at cost, which is the same with Costco prescription glasses.  I can understand their frustration but 100% markup is not something most people agree with unless insurance is paying the bill.

As hearing aids become more digital and connected to your Apple or Android phone, I predict we will be able to buy hearing aids at much lower prices and with easier programming.  Update – a new product has earphones that can be user programmed to make up for hearing loss. See Even.

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