Mike Masnick tireless advocate for internet freedom fighting against censorship

Mike Masnick founder of TechDirt

TechDirt is one of a kind – editor Mike Masnick works tirelessly writing stories every day to promote freedom of speech and freedom on the internet.

Mike has written articles denouncing censorship, state control around the world including the US Congress attempt through SOPA to shut down the internet as we know it. 

You don’t have to agree with Mike, although it’s usually better to say nothing back!

Mike believes fervently in Web 2.0 and he backs it up with facts.

Mike believes musicians should get paid by giving people a reason to buy, while supporting free downloads.

Mike believes the record labels and studio executives with their $30 million salaries are selling the public a bill of goods they are losing billions to downloading.

Mike exposed copyright trolls like Righthaven, who have been shaking down consumers with phony copyright law suits.

If SOPA passes, the internet will change forever. Websites can be taken down by frivolous copyright holders, despite protections under the law.

Mike wrote his 40,000th post yesterday.

“It would appear that this post will be my 40,000th blog post on Techdirt. 40,000. And that’s just by me. If I include all the other bloggers, there are a bunch more posts. That’s a lot of blogging. Along those lines, the Guinness Book of World Records apparently still has 17,212 blog posts by a single person listed as the most prolific. Perhaps it’s taking them time to have someone count up all my blog posts. Anyway, it just seemed like a neat milestone that I figured I’d note, along with a huge thank you to folks here in the community who keep coming back and making it worthwhile to write, share and discuss. Here’s to the next 40,000…” TechDirt

Keep it up Mike.  We need those stories.

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