It will take Dateline to unravel the truth about what happened on the highway in New Annan

Murder scene in New Annan PEI - two dead but no reasons given (photo CBC)

When a passing motorist found a Volkswagen Passat parked along the highway in New Annan, PEI with it’s 4-ways flashing, they had no way of knowing one person inside the car was dead and another lay dying.

It would take the RCMP only a week to solve the mysterious deaths.

St.John NB police should get the same team to solve the murder of New Brunswick millionaire Richard OlandĀ  which has gone unsolved since summer.

The dead woman, Maureen MacDonnell, had been stabbed numerous times with a “small knife” one of the few details released by the investigating RCMP.

The driver, Rick MacLean, was also stabbed and died later in the hospital.

It took 20 RCMP officers from New Brunswick less than a week to conclude that MacLean killed MacDonnell for reasons withheld.

It took 20 RCMP officers from off PEI because McDonnell was the estranged wife of another RCMP officer and the Mounties wanted to dispel any conflict of interest.

That’s how one of the most sensational murders in PEI history was wrapped up in nano-seconds and all the evidence sealed from public view.

RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar ain't talking (photo CBC)

“We are really struggling with the public’s need to know and the privacy of both families grieving at this time,” said RCMP spokesperson Blackadar. “While the investigators may find out a lot more, we may not come out with it publicly.” (Guardian)

What could the motive for such a crime be?

MacLean, the police allege, was the murderer of a woman he was ostensibly dating. She was not his wife. MacLean had a wife and two children but he that relationship was in trouble.

A lover’s spat? Perhaps but it would be totally out of character for the man police describe as a computer programmer for Health PEI.

Like everywhere in the world these days, marriages end and freshly single people look to the internet for new partners. On PEI, internet dating has not resulted in a murder yet. This would be the firstĀ  time a Lavalife membership turned deadly.

Later MacLean was described as loving fast cars, fast boats and perhaps internet dating.

Were the two even more than friends?

“MacDonnell was estranged for the past few weeks from her husband, Const. Stephen MacDonnell, an RCMP officer with the East Prince detachment.” said CBC.

Some suggest the RCMP wanted to cover up the facts with a quick resolution blaming the non-RCMP related person.

We will probably never know, unless Keith Morrison of Dateline comes to investigate. He is Canadian and perhaps will put PEI on his vacation plans.

The New Annan story will soon be yesterday’s news as PEI grapples with the court case of the two Dingwell brothers involved in a deadly fight.

PEI used to be such a quiet and safe place to live.