PEI singer songwriter’s moving tribute to the returning soldiers from Afghanistan

Lennie Gallant singing Wounded

When Lennie Gallant visited Afghanistan on a troop entertainment tour, he was moved by the courage and the danger our troops faced.

He also came face to face with the men and women who return from Afghanistan with visual and hidden wounds from war. 

In honor of these veterans with disabilities, Gallant along with J.T. Harding  wrote Wounded.

Gallant captures the real lives of our veterans in his touching song, which is his forte.

Video of Lennie’s solo and haunting performance follows the story break.  

“Wounded” is one of the 14 songs on “If We Had A Fire” released in 2009. The CD has some of Lennie Gallant’s best work including Wounded, the title song. “Tell Me A Ghost Story” and “Before We Sell This Car”.

Lennie Gallant – “Before We Sell This Car”
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Filmed in July 2009 at the Harmony House in Hunter River, PEI during Rendezvous Rustico.

You can hear the studio version of Wounded on Lennie’s Reverbnation site along with the lyrics.  For more about Lennie Gallant see his Official website and Wikipedia.

Lennie Gallant has received numerous awards including Junos and East Coast Music Awards. In 2003 he was inducted into the Order Of Canada.

“Gallant has garnered much respect for his hard hitting songs chronicling the lives of people dealing with tremendous adversity and serious issues. Songs like “Peter’s Dream,” “Island Clay,” “Man of Steel” and “The Hope for Next Year,” articulate the feelings of many caught up in desperate situations beyond their control, and at the same time celebrate the beauty of lifestyle and landscape with their strong poetry and stirring narratives.”

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