Gwynne Dyer

“Gwynne Dyer, internationally renowned syndicated columnist, author, broadcaster, and lecturer on international affairs will examine the world’s halting emergence from the dark tunnel of the past decase, a time marked by exaggerated fears of terrorism, futile and unnecessary wars in the Middle East, neglect of climate change, and financial collapse.

The talk takes place in the Atlantic Veterinary College Learning Commons Room on the UPEI campus at 7pm, Tuesday night, 19 October.”

Dyer is know to be controversial.

On one of his visits to PEI he predicted a world water shortage from global warming. He suggested Canada’s water resources made it a target for US aggression.

Another article suggested mass slaughter of Somalians since they were black and likely pirates.

The AVC Commons Room is off the main entrance adjacent to the Robertson Library.

People with disabilities will find the destination a trifle far from the parking lots, which is the way at UPEI. The motto has always been “Keeping cripples off campus.”

UPEI Disability Story