Some analysts and experts predict the iPad will replace desktop, laptops and netbooks

Apple iPad arrives in Canada May 28th

Canadians will soon have their chance to join the one million people who purchased the Apple iPad since it was released last month in April. Apple is reported to have sold $1 billion worth making it the most lucrative first month’s sales for any new computer.

Cool Apple iPad arrives in Canada

Some analysts are predicting the iPad will cannibalize sales of netbooks, notebooks and even desktop computers. While the desktop replacement seems far fetched, anecdotal evidence is mounting for the iPad as a new class of computer that consumers can’t be without.

The Canadian pricing for the iPad starts at $549 for the 16 GB wi-fi only model. The 3G models are shipping on May 28th as well. The 3G iPads start at $679 for the 16 GB version. The 64 GB iPad with wi-fi and 3G costs $879.   

Data plans in Canada are sold through Rogers. 250 MB per month costs $15.  5 GB per month plans cost $35. Existing Rogers customers can add the iPad data package for only $20 per month. That would take your Rogers bill to almost $100 a month.

Rogers 3G service is spotty and not as comprehensive as Telus/Bell.  Check in your area for coverage. I’m not sure if the iPad will fall back to Edge service like the iPhone 3Gs when their 3G service is weak.

Opinions on iPad are running hot

US iPad customers give them glowing reports. Chuck Hollis, the chief technology officer at EMC Corporation, wrote that one iPad has ended his whole family’s interest in laptops and desktops.

I don’t think I’ll be buying any more desktops going forward.  I don’t think I’ll even be buying any more laptops going forward. They’ve all been largely obsoleted (at least at my home) by a sleek $499 device that doesn’t really have any right to be called a “computer” in the traditional sense.

Sure, there’s a handful of tasks that I still would prefer a real computer, but — amazingly — that list has now shrunk dramatically.  In less than a week. The members of my family immediately gravitated to the new shiny thing — no prompting, no encouragement, no migration, etc.  They are drawn to it like a moth to flame. What iPads Did To My Family

Morgan Stanley predict iPad will dominate the future

While it’s hard to predict dominance for a device that basically consumes content and does not create more than an email, Morgan Stanley’s analyst says the iPad will kill other types of computers.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty caused a fuss this week when she released a chart that suggests the iPad may be killing netbook sales. The growth in netbook sales during April 2008, compared with April 2009, was an insane 641%. But comparing the same month in 2009 to 2010, netbooks grew only 5%. ComputerWorld

It’s too early to tell. However, the tide is coming in for Apple and the iPad. The competition isn’t even out of the gate yet.

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