Saucy claim makes for interesting reading against large US law firm

fried_frank_150forwebLegal practices as depicted in the movies are hotbeds of power and money hungry legal partners and associates who will stop at nothing to get to the top.

According the suit filed by ex-Fried Frank associate Julie Kamps, the truth may be very close to what those movies portray.

In a civil suit reported in Above The Law, Kamps who is openly lesbian claims senior partners denigrated and humiliated her. A female senior partner demanded sexual favors among other complaints.

Julie Kamps

Julie Kamps

The suit which is an official EEOC complaint has enough dirty laundry to flash the words “Settle Now” across computer screens at Fried Frank. No doubt contingency lawyers will be lining up to take Ms Kamps case.

For the full case – reader discretion advised – see Julie Kamps v. Fried Frank Harris Shriver and Jacobson LLP et al