Get rich quick on the Internet scams use Google’s trademark

Google is taking a new approach to stopping the scams that prey on get-rich-quick schemes. Google has filed a trademark suit against Pacific WebWorks.

The company, in the claim, is said to run hundreds of schemes that bilk the unsuspecting of $50 or more dollars a month. Subscribers are told they can make money from home on the internet. It’s easy and the company will sell you the secrets they have learned that made them rich.  

“Pacific WebWorks of Salt Lake City, Utah, is accused of offering for a small fee a toolkit to enable online work at home but then continually charges a person’s credit card offering “little of value, or nothing at all, in return for their payments,” reads the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah.”

“The names of the kits include “The Home Business Kit for Google,” “Google StartUp Kit” and “Google Adwork” among other variations.”

“Google wants the company to stop using its trademarks in any promotional materials. It is asking for a jury trial, and wants Pacific WebWorks to pay damages and reveal a full accounting of its profits.” ComputerWorld

There is also a class action suit against the company by people who have been ripped off. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has not been able to shut down these operations who work on hundreds of similar websites complete with testimonials and press clippings from prestigious newspapers and business magazines.

If the subscriber gets anything it’s a DVD with a template website. content screen scrapers. and link generators. The sites created this way are not frequented by millions of users. They are boring, inauthentic and don’t contain unique content. They sites are constantly trying to comment on our site so that we will link to them and drive traffic.

When we first started, we would have taken any comment but it was pretty obvious they weren’t real. “I love your well written story. Keep it up.” the phony comments would say over and over.

The only secret the promoters of these schemes know is how to fleece the sheep.

When you work hard at a website it always seems too good to be true. Why do I bother to write and research stories when I could buy one of these kits? Those weak moments pass and I go back to work like the rest of the real bloggers.

P.T.Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute. These get-rich-quick schemes pander to those sentiments.

One of the newer schemes are those emails offering decent jobs at Google, FedEx and other name employers.