• MB

    Spell check the article please.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/honestedits honestedits

    I applaud the NJN sites efforts on all fronts! Canadian Investigative Journalism lives on the internet.

    It is notable that the youtubed ctv news report where Michael Bryant claims his innocence “Let me be clear” says he… has been recently removed. Many, many other ctv news articles remain online and Michael Bryant’s trial proceeds mid November. Now who might have lodged a complaint about that video? Could it be Navigator his PR firm retracting Mr. Bryants own personal statement on the matter?

    The cat is out of the bag, security videos show him running down Darcy Allan Sheppard have spread like wildfire. About that “completely innocent” claim…

  • zdhqz

    My account is suspended without any email notification and now i dont know the reason.

    Fuck youtube its time to show them the power of public. If youtube is #1 its because of we the users and we are treated with no respect. I am gonna boycott youtube forever and will use an alternative or even paid hosting.

  • PspTrusz

    My youtube account was suspended because it shared an email address with another account that had been banned for copyrighted videos. My account did not upload any copyrighted material. And there’s no way to appeal it, because the videos weren’t even on my account.

  • Hal Ryder

    When the copyright wars started in 2009 my yt friend “miamiborn” lost over 400 videos to takedown orders from the big 3 record labels. She probably had a couple thousand posted. Today I found out her account has been suspended. I thought the copyright issues had been resolved when after over 6 months of being blocked, one of my videos was allowed through. Can anybody tell me what is the current policy? Is it ok to make AmMusicVids again or not?

  • Ross Broom

    you say ___Who’s going to remember the guy if Sony is left to the job___

    I’m going out on a limb here.
    Dylan will do just fine. Some amateurs “need” Youtube because they lack the talent/opportunities/quality product because they can’t make it in the music business to start with.
    IMHO, natch.