Didn’t yo mama tell you not to play with those girls

Erin copyStory from Fox

I guess the reporters at Fox haven’t seen too much porn on the web to believe a downloading video player trojan is new.
Oh those crafty hackers thinking of luring you with sex and then a trojan virus.

From Sophos

“Crafty hackers have created a fake CNN Web page housing what purports to be the video of the glamorous sports reporter undressing — but when you click on it, you’re asked to download a specialized video player, which is full of digital nastiness to infect your computer.”

“Macintosh users are not immune to this one — in fact, the hacker software detects what kind of computer you’re using and dumps an even nastier Trojan horse onto Macs than it does PCs.”

“Andrews made news Monday when her lawyers confirmed that a nude video, apparently shot through a hotel room’s peephole, which had been bouncing around the Internet for months was indeed of her.” Fox Media

“Here’s my advice,” Cluley wrote on his official blog. “If you want to look at naked women, buy yourself an adult magazine or get yourself a girlfriend. If you go searching for sleazy videos then don’t be surprised if it’s not just your mind that ends up corrupted, but your computer, too.” Sophos

Yo mama warned you.