The tale of John ..dash dot
By Will a-Dale

(see note) sung to the tune of Greensleeves

Twitter Twitter
Sings the little bird
I like to preen
And to be heard

With ego large
Equal bank account
Strut on the web
Like a mountebank

The dealer sets
The rules and table
And screws the players
When he is able

Behind the mask
Behind the veil
Lives the whore
Without fail

I’m liberal free
Liberal on the take
No honest fool
No Tory snake

This song is ending
But not the tale
To John the Impostor
Will returns without fail.

Note: Will a-Dale, or Willow Dale as he was known, is a new contributor to NJN Network. We ran into him at a local bar, clutching his lute and singing 12th century, troubadour songs. Unfortunately he was to far out even for Baba’s with fringe jacket, bells on boot toes and braided ringlets. He didn’t get on the open mic that night. He offered up this song in payment for his libations.