Which super group will open if they do in 2010?

The Eagles on Tour

Boomers are getting used to the super group tour but the pairing of The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac will turn ticket sales upward if it comes off.

Check the update January 14th, 2010

There aren’t many groups that can fill a 50,000 seat venue anymore. We saw the Eagles two years ago in Moncton, NB and they were awesome. It made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. The Times Transcript caught us in their story. 

For the Eagles to tour with Fleetwood Mac would be super tour.

Fleetwood Mac were a power group in their day.

The DVD Fleetwood Mac – Live in Boston was very exciting to watch. They are a real powerhouse group.

You have to consider these people have been touring for forty years. Like McCartney and Dylan, they just keep on going.

I still miss Christine McVie who did more real singing than the hottie Stevie Nicks. They put on a powerful performance although I don’t see them packing in like The Eagles.

Associated Content report the tour will be at large football stadiums.