Spherical display is far out technology

My life has been too intense lately, all this social advocacy broken up with music gigs. Did you know that every time you think about politicians 1 million brains cells cry out for relief.

I need to stay inside and explore new technology like Microsoft Sphere and Surface.

Way cool! I want them! Now.

This could be the breakout for dull and boring computers, which are essentially the same as they were 10 years ago, boxes with software.

The potential of creativity in computing is always limited by the silly learning curve of all those arcane commands the software developers insist we learn. I’m learning sound engineering now and the software is so stupid, so is PhotoShop and Premier. Made by geeks for geeks – not for creating things.

In the 1980’s PC’s were exciting. There was new technology. We read Byte and PC Mag to keep up. No one kept a personal computer for long. The new ones were faster and better and we kept trading up.

Ask Will and James – I was techno geek introducing them to computers as soon as they could hold the mouse about age 2. I was a cruel dad: I would let them see me working on the computer and turn it off. They had to learn everything on their own. OK so maybe I gave them a hint.

Gabriel and Laura started a little later since they were already like 7 when I got my first computer. Gabe spent many a Saturday playing Star Wars in green dots.

In the mid-90’s it got pretty boring. My last laptop was a throw away at Future Shop that cost me $525 for a quad processor that could run in circles with Word. Ho hum.

Here’s a cool parody of Surface


How come Microsoft gets to take English words and make them products: windows, word, excel, surface, and sphere.

Hewlett Packard put out a dealer video called “1999” ( I think) that showed the Internet, object oriented programing, communications that probe other computers to determine protocols, and a host of things that became possible by 1995.

If you have seen this or have a copy, post it on YouTube. It’s a real – it was the future way back then video.

Sphere and Surface look like the future.

When do we get holographic computing?

Note: my cheap and blatant test of your morals worked. Not too many people fell for the sexy lingerie gal in the middle of my poem. Sex may sell but it won’t get you to read poetry.

Daniel Lanois remains the topic of the week.